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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Happy evening people of the sleepless Internet world.

Evening. To me, the most relaxing moment throughout a day. Well, that too depends on what kind of day that day is. But for most of the day, weekdays, I find that evening is the best time for me to slack of a little before the earth is covered with plain darkness.

And most of the time, I'll be hanging out in my room if not, out on the field for a walk or jogging. I do to walk around the lake of UTP with my gear, capturing moments, probably a relaxing moment of the UTP students might as well others that find UTP lake is one of the favorite spot to chill, late in the evening.

But staying for a mere a year and few month here in UTP, shooting at one same spot could be boring sometimes. Thus reflects on my lack of enthusiasm in going to the lake to take shot, despite the nice weather. By the way, some picture taken along the lake compound.

p/s: there are actually more, but then I have to kept them for competition purpose. Later when the competition is over, I'll post in on m flickr accout. So, do drop by my Flickr once in a while :)

p/s: a week before holiday. All the best for test and quizzes

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why I prefer DIGITAL

Digital, a data that consist of a series of ones and zeros. While that doesn't help in any way explaining what DIGITAL is, let's just think it as something, an object particularly, that have it own mind. Don't assume that all love anything that have to do with digital. Some might have a greater love towards mechanical, something that was used way before the discovery of anything digital and still being used up until nowadays for it convenient and also sense of style.

Digital Photography.

Modern Photography.

Or anything that you prefer to call.

To me personally, I love digital photography very much. This is not another way saying that old type of photography are lame or yes lame, but If this happen to be in the 1900's where the analogue(finally the right term) camera is at it's brightest state, and some how there is already a digital camera, I will without no doubt choosing Digital over the analogue.



It's not that cheap I admit. Standard package with the kit lens might not be a cup of tea to some poeple but then, atleast you don't have to shell out much on film or maintenance. To me saving on the is cheap...maybe.



It's a style, trend what ever they called it, to actually hang your digital camera, in which i mean DSLR and micro-third four camera onto your body. But this time around, hanging a SLR or a familiar type of lomo camera sometimes, make you looks cooler. Nevertheless, Digital still rules.



50mm? 17-50mm? 70-200mm? 100-400mm. You name it. Digital camera now have many range of choice from the simple prime or fixed lens, wide angle lens, fish eye, telephoto, You name it! Monologue? Not that many :/

Yes please!!


Digital win. fullstop.


Lightroom? No please. I'll have one Photoshop and Aperture(apple's version of photoshop)

While I can in fact mumbling all night arguing why Digital is better than analogue. But I don't want to, I have a cat to feed on. Not to mention my camera keeper, Drago. He need a lot's of fresh Artic fish.

Digital or none digital, that doesn't matter. What matter is you. You, not the reader, but you the Photographer. If digital is the best medium for you to express you artistic side, then go on. Same goes to analogue. But in the end of the day, we still have to face the fact that...Digital still rules! :D

p/s: Craving for a new lens already. Urghhhh.

SNSD, slightly different taste


If some of you guys still haven't discovered the So Nyuh Shi Dae better know as SNSD or Girls Generation is the ALL TIME cutest all-girl band from Korea. Me personally love their single, Love chocholate, Gee, Honey and also Oh!.

So what the fuss all about? I know them already. What's the big deal? Well, they are going to release their single Genie in Japanese version. No don't ask me whether I have the Japanese version mp3 file or not. No I DON'T DO PIRATE :p Go lurk at mediafire or elsewhere.

And if you happen to have the 3D technology right in from of you, meaning you have the 3D screen with the odd looking 3D glass, good news, they will be releasing the 3D version of one of their song. I don't know which, but I'm sure you'll love to see the bouncing out of the screen right? right? hehehe. final fantasy.

Anyway, this SNSD stuff prevents me from continuing my damn work. No more holidays, it struggling time ya'll . Exam is next week :/

fantasy. tiffany <3.>

p/s: Japanese version. Liking it? teheee :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Can I have a date with you?

have you even consider a specialist before actually planning on a date with someone? maybe not a specialist, probably a friend. Friends could give some great response but then, sometimes they are not looking in your point of view.

Thus the invention of the "Can We Date" flowchart. Simple, yet very powerful stuff.

Can't view it fully? hop in to the original post.(click)

p/s: Wednesday blues.

Monday, August 16, 2010

learn, unlearn, relearn.

Learning. It's a never ending journey to any man. No matter which group of age you belong to, learning process won't stop. Just like olding process. Until death do us apart of course.

Again, I manage to absorb this quotation from Pn. Arfah class today. Learn, Unlearn, Relearn. What is the meaning? Basically, it's the learning process. We learn, then we try to understand what we learn then we learn it all over again. To put it in a simpler word, it like playing a video games. First you learn the methodology, the right button for the action, the battle system, then you try to explore more, probably memorizing the combo or something. Finally, you try to understand everything all over again, say so you can develop a killer tactics, if you are into those Starcraft II like games.

Anyway, learn, unlearn, relearn. Not just applied for gaming purposes only. In real life, this is also a valid thought. Everyday, if I happen to not in the lazy mode, I will try to write back everything that I learn from class into my notebook. In the process I unlearn everything that I learn in lecture. Then I post almost every note I get in class onto my wall, pardon, not my facebook wall, but my wall in my room. That way I'll relearn everything Insyaallah each time I sat down on my study table and looks at those oddly attractive colored notes. I'm not trying to be a jackass but who knows, another men meat could possibly be another meat too.

Academic writing class. A place to sleep, learn, think and urhh get ideas for blog post. Probably.

p/s: Hungry!!!! haha.

Ramadhan Baazar

Ramadhan. Such a blessing and awesome time of the year. Even before I enter University, I always like Ramadhan month. I don't know for certain whether I love the month for it's specialty or blessing, but I'm sure I can't stand still when it is approaching by.
Anyway, baazar. I'm sure Ramadhan won't be complete, well Ramadhan is complete but with Ramadhan Baazar, everything get's better.

dadih. mmmm. yummy.

Actually today is my second time buying my break fasting food at the Baazar at Bandar University, near UITM Seri Iskandar. Sorry I don't have photo of what I ate for the day, probably for the sake of people who are reading this during the Fasting time. haha.

Anyway, 5 down, probably 20 plus more to go. I wanted to go backkk. huhuhu. btw, my Dad have installed the unifi, fibre optic internet at home so I have more and more reasons to get back :) hahhaa

Now for Robocon stuff, I forcibly being given the responsibility to take charge one of the two group for the upcoming R-play, sort of a inner robot competition for UTP, well more like for Robocamp members. A leader? Insyaallah I'll do my best.

p/s: love the new header? drop in some comments. don't be shy.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

She maybe not into you

courtesy: Google

Maybe? Such a strong word. It's an intermediate between two thing, right or wrong, a yes or a no. Maybe could spark thousands perception of something.


She started to message me, out of the blue moon, with the text message sounds "Gudnight :D" that I received in the middle of yesterday night. I smiled instantly. Normally people does not do that out of the sudden. Usually a good night reminder will be on the last page of the conversation, never in the start.

Later in the morning I sent a "Goodmorning :)" text message, as a token for her kindness for the message last night. We chat for some time. Even in my Academic Writing class, which I happen to be selected as class rep. (darn)

I do think she started to open some part of her heart for me, but maybe, just maybe. I don't know, you figure it yourself. Sometime I like to daydream, thinking that maybe, she like me but never shown it, but that was all made up of a cotton candy dream.

I do hope we can still chat with each other, even during these fasting month. I hope there are a lot of things that we can talk about. I miss her voice, her laugh, her giggle, I miss her.

tskkkkkkkk. Running nose. damn.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Minggu Mesra Kampus (MMK)

If you happen to be a true fan of my other blog (check it out!) you must have red the post about the previous Minggu Mesra Kampus.(here)

While nothing much to talk about the event, I'll still give some brief details about it. Basically, MMK serves as a welcoming event for students that just finished their semester break. This event happen probably twice a year since there are only 2 semester a year. God know how many MMK's are there previously before I came to UTP.

Comparing to last semester Minggu Mesra Kampus, this time it looks more grand, probably because there are something like a small PC fair in the MMK. There are more visitor too, but maybe just maybe because Paprika Cafe, the best western cafe in UTP have change their location to Pocket D.
Pictures? Yeah, I know you'll be asking for that. *inhale*

idk what stuff is these.

Rakan Muda booth.

Mine booth.

MedTech Famous Logo.

Leman(left) promoting Kembara club


p/s: just finished my Merdeka Run 2010. Managed to get number.........I don't know. Probably top 20. The optimism.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

What if : Love story were crap

What if,

All those love story are fake? Made by highly imagination and sense of romance of the director itself.

What if

Hot, nice, attractive, caring, (any good values that you prefer) girl that you interested or having crush on is having a serious relationship?

What if

Real life love story is dull?

What if

There are not a slight chance of having a head on collision and guts to ask her name while collecting all the papers and books?

What if

someone that you like, prefer to stay single.

What if

I suck in relationship?

Uncertainty. It's normal. It's sometimes full of crap. Frankly, Love are crap, crap stuff. Crap stuff that makes you all craving for it like a Sun in an important day.


What if

I can't forget about her even though she doesn't even look at me?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010



7.00 p.m.

Finish my Engineering Drawing class. Lecturer, he's okay. Nice but his session could be a little dry sometimes.

7.17 p.m.

She text me. After months of disappearance in my life. Not a single text message, let along a call. "Hye What's up" appear on my cell screen. If I had eyes of a girl I think I'll might shed some tear of joy and jump off dancing around like those SNSD babe. But no, i did not. But somewhere bottom in my heart, I'm thankful.

We talk, although no voice involved in the process. She complaint to me, how life is boring. Studies surround her life. That is normal for higher learning students nevertheless. I had experience that too. You do to I guess. It's been a while she share something, in fact it has been a while people share their thought/problem with me. And I find myself into the "Listener chair" again playing as Mr. Counselor.

We talk, up until midnight. Even in my Robotic class which I learn 3D modeling using Autodesk Inventor. Get back to that later on. The text message earlier on somewhat acts as a trigger. Trigger to my old memories. She remind me on how life is great back then, how I love her, how I care about her, how I tried my best to give a good answer. Those time were perfect. Perfect for me.

When I finally have time to went to sleep, A though came to me, shit.

I still in love with her :/

Monday, August 2, 2010

Connecting people.

I guess most of you people have heard about this. Nokia tagline? Pretty much a yes. So simple yet does makes a lot of sense, and thinking too.

Today I have a Academic Writing class. A class, obviously to learn and polish more of my writing skills. And today unlike any other normal day, the class was held for 3 hours. Let me spell it to you, THREE FREAKING HOUR, IN THE MORNING. The lecturer is okay, in fact much better than previous English lecturer but then combine together with the monday blue and also the morning dilemma( idk why I use this word :s) makes everyone so sleepy, maybe not all lah but I can say most of them. Still, what my Academic writing class have to do with connecting people? Right. The lecturer, Pn. Arfah were talking about writing, how word can make a great influence then I stumble across a point,

"Writing should be about connecting people, people who reads your works."

I was so stunned by the phrase. I even copied exactly what she says. Really, have you ever though of connecting people that is on the other end of the screen as you were writing your blog post?? Really? Don't lie.

Anyway, it's time for Sports News. I just recently joined roboCamp, a camp for making robot lah. I was more interested in the Fabrication department, mainly anything that got to do with building the robot. I didn't involve in the wiring and all those programming shit.

So that is all update from me for now. Classes was great. I had a lot of relaxing time in Statics class. Yeah, that is all.
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