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Monday, November 8, 2010

i haz cool DSLR peoplez!! (sarcastic)

Well if you have been well aware of your surrounding, and if you happen to live among teenagers, then you must have notice the ever increasing amount of people with DSLR. I look at it as a trend now. Really. and not so pleasing one. So why is this happening? Be aware this is not an report of any kind. hehe.


As far as I can see, most of people, they don't have a single clue on why they wanted to buy a DSLR. If you want or plan to buy one, ask this question first. Do i need it? and for what? If you does not really have deep pocket sure you will lurk on the internet to see, which DLSR model suits your budget and from there most of you will realize on how to actually buy a DSLR. It is best to look out for tutorial or review on how to buy a DSLR rather than look out for the cheapest one and straight away buy it. Its all about the use of it, not the price although price could be an issue too.

Let me be honest, if you are going to take mostly your own photo and does not give a care on how the settings and you wanted to take video for fun, then feel free to just hit the store and get yourself a point and shoot camera. What is that? The digital camera la. that square thinggie.

better to stick with a digital camera for maximum camwhoring fun ^^

If you did care of how your photo looks, and you like to get creative with photo or video then probably it is best for you to get a DSLR as it gives more control of, almost everything. Oh since now most of new DSLR also offer Video recording it give the video people an opportunity to be more creative because unlike a normal camcoder, it is quite difficult to play with the focusing. But with DSLR, focusing and zooming could be a lot more easier.

Showing off?

Honestly this might hurt some people but i just need to say this. Do you think having DLSR make you looks cool? or even high standard? Lul. BS. From what i observe some people buy a DSLR just to show off. They don't have the necessity for it so why buy it? Don't BS me by saying you want to take full control of the settings because you just don't. Only when the light is out then you struggle to change the settings to some mode you can even spell right so that you can take a good picture. but oh wait, you pop the pop-up flash straight away do ya? Bad idea. (unless if you know to set the intensity then its okay.)


(Facebook profile pic). normal. (Facebook profile pic WITH DSLR). OMAIGOD COOLNESS.

I've seen those many times already. Yeah yeah I even did it myself, well many of the photographers also do the same thing. Why? Because photographer, unlike normal people they tend to have the least, sometimes none photo of them self under normal condition. Get me? That why most of the photographer take their own photo, well sometimes they ask help from another. and in the photography world, there are some that like to show off thier gears. And some like to poison them self by looking at other people gear and get jealous. Sometimes its good sometimes it does not. So showing off? Are you?


If you look back in the old day, DSLR, (occay, there are no letter D in the term) SLR are only owns by the serious enthusiast such as journalist, reporter, and etc. There not quite many average people own it for its such price and it is not actually small. But nowadays, as the world is advancing, DSLR are a more affordable. With only RM1.7 K you can get a basic level DSLR, not like the old day when you need atleast 2 or 3 K to get one. and to normal people that is not really worth it. and before people hate the bulky size of it. Like my friend Amanina who mind you like to take picture of herself, she pretty much hate DSLR and she does not even understand why people shell out plenty sum of money for it. in the end of the day it the same photo. Well, i already try to explain to her, but i don't know if she buy it. And i don't think I should do a post on why DSLR are million times better than a p&s.

So cheaper DSLR so more people buying it?

or just PURE ARTS?

DSLR let you take full control of the lens aperture, the sensitivity of the sensor, the exposure and lots of other technical stuff. and by utilizing all this setting, people can expand their creativity. and for that reason why many serious enthusiast prefer to get hand on these big bulky monster to get their jobs done, easier and better. If you want to get creative, buying a DSLR is you best move.


I'm confused. really am confused. Someone that never into arts then suddenly interested on buying a DSLR. for what reason really? These what triggers me to make this post. Was it for fame? for name? or for fun? I don't know, people have their reason but no matter what the reason are, make sure it is a good choice. A choice that you will not regret. because if you do, you are just wasting your precious money. As for the future I hope only serious people own DSLR while the non-serious just play with your P&s camera will ya!?

If you know me well , when people ask question such as what DSLR he or she need to buy, i will always ask the purpose first, then the whole process of choosing going to be easier. I do encourage those who love to learn it. you don't need DSLR to learn, to me it is best to learn first the basic, get a camera and practice what you have learn. that is the best learning method :)

All and all, if you into photography, do continue! don't look at this post as a distraction. If you have interest then let it be. Explore, find opporutnities, who knows, there are great future in photography? Who knew? National Geographic someday? :)

and one more thing. Great camera makes a quality photo, great photographer makes a great photo. normal P&s also can shoot nice photo you know.

p/s: study week people. turn on the study mode. :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

in love

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love"- Albert Einstien

Again I fall in love. It has been a while since I fall in love so deep. I can't remember the last time I fall in love. But in my world, I was the only one that was in love. Never I thought all the attention and time I've spent for her would make the tiny heart of her to change its thought. In the end, I was the only actor in the movie.

I accidentally know her few days back. We only have clashes our sight few times, ok that was a lie. We haven't met actually but from far i look at her, i knew she would be mine. Her sparkling round eyes, her soft body, and her low profile appearance. All in a good package. How I wish I can tell her the truth, how I wish i can expose my inner though, of course the good ones to her without blushing. How i wish we can share time together. How I wish I can say "i love you" dead on without sending lovish messages.

Im in love.

Samyang 14mm f/2.8 Manual focus

Yeah, it's another typical DSLR/ lens love story. Sorry to disappoint you guys. Or you relieved? hehe. The new lens that caught my attention. It fast(optically), it's good quality and the best thing it is affordable!

As for now, sorry guys I'm not falling in love with someone. but since you did drop by, i can say this, i like someone buttttt just a like-like things only :)


Prayers. What differentiate you from the non-believers.

Let's hope that with this little short time I had for my holiday, I return to my beloved universiti of toronto Teknologi Petronas with courage, strong will and guidance, to try my best and InsyaAllah succeed in my final exam. Amin.
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