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Monday, October 25, 2010


So sorry that I failed to update on the 7d7i project here. If you happen to have me as a friend on facebook, lurk around the photo segment. There is a folder for the project. Final is around the corner so I'm quite busy with everything. Another apology to you all and stay tuned will ya? ;)

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Sometimes it is rather difficult to be a good friend let alone best bud.

I was a little disappointed of this friend of mine. I think I had known her, (yes it's a girl) for quite some time already, to be exact in my 1st semester of foundation. We did talk alot, in fb or text before but now I just realize that, despite our good relationship as a friend, i don't think she though of the same of me. Just because I'm from a different course, does not mean we can't be good friend.

To be honest I don't know why did I become such an emo clown because of this matter. I normally don't like to post something that might hurt my friends feeling but this time, i have to. Not just her but I can think of some of my friends from my foundation year. While some still take the effort to ask how i'm doing, reading my updates on my blog and anything that makes them looks like they still care, I can pinpoint a few that recognize me only when I'm attending an event, no, when I held my photography kit. That is something I don't like.

I have a workshop and an event to catch so this post ends here. Do stick around if you happen to be my dear friends will ya?


to be honest, fak you. Sorry but I don't think I can help myself anymore from hating you.
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