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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

future project

I had this feeling, familiar one indeed, each time I look on people photo's in flickr.

"Hey I can do that!"

"That looks nice."

"I can try that sometimes."

Sometimes my eagerness to take a photo reach sky high, I will quickly open up the wooden closet, take out my slingshot bag which contain most of my commonly used gear and start playing around with the camera. Sometimes I linger around the room, looking for something unusual, something that I can take photograph of.

and often the result looks rather normal to me. So as many of the great photographer out there suggested that always practice photography everyday, therefore, I came up with the project, I guess most of the people already practice.

7 photograph in a week. I'll compose it in an album for each weak. Since my flickr account, which is only free btw, have only 50 or so photo left before the 200 mark, therefore I decided that the 7 day 7 photo album will be mainly uploaded to facebook. Nevertheless the poor photo resolution, it is free and if I fill up all 200 mark for an album, I can always make another one.

So there you go. My future project slash plan. I hope with this method I can improve every little piece of my photography skills. Good day!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

photography: work, hobby or just plain fun?

Sometimes I ask myself, why did I take photography as one of my major interest in life? Sometimes I wonder the reason behind me buying all sort of gadget for my camera. Sometimes I stunned when asked why I like photography so much, i spent a lot of my saving money on camera equipment. These question sometimes does not end.

So that is the reason why I make this post. Photograph. Work. hobby or just plain fun??


I started enjoy photography on my first task of taking event photo, which is for the Islamic Studies programme, Down to Earth. That time I discover the excitement, the joy, the fun in taking pictures. The moment where i instruct some of my clique to line up or to pose with certain someone, I love the thrill when I push the trigger and view the LCD screen few moments later. I love it when people rush, well kids basically rush onto me and ask to view the photo of them. That is work. I was assigned to do so by the committee. Despite that, it was fun. I was literally smiling up to my ears(that's sound oddly terrible?)

See me there in white shirt :)

When I'm done with DTE, I continuously look up for availability, chances, opportunities, what ever you may call them, to work as an event photographer. Yes I have done quite a few namely for Dean list award, Trisem carnival and other I can not really remember. It was fun. The attention I get. It's all part of the job.


If you are doing something not for other people sake or do it for your own pleasure, its called a hobby. and yeah, taking something as a hobby sometimes does not make you earn some extra cash. Nevertheless, I do photography a lot when I'm at home. Mind you, I did not have any studio, not any kind of studio so indoor photography is something that I rarely do. That is why I like to get out, be on the street and look through my viewfinder. They called it street photography. I called it simply something-better-to-do. If you are photo-geek also, I'm sure you will stumble across the word poison, a term normally used when you look up on reviews, camera related reviews that makes your sense of desire tingling so much you keep on look for other review of the same thing until, well, you are damn jealous of those who own those thing. Like a poison you see.

you never knew what you will encounter on the street.

Ah, I'm going out of the topic. Sorry about that.

Plain fun?

daddy he was having fun :)

How do you define fun? Fun where you are smiling like clown in a party or you just feel a deep feeling of soothing and satisfaction in the inside? Fun can be relative. Even so, I can say doing photography be it for work, hobby or anything else does make myself a little carried away until sometimes, I shed my shy and introvert skin and wear a new outgoing and interactive skin that was kept safely deep inside of me. Anyhow, to me photography is fun. Remember the first time playing your first self installed PC game? Yeah, it's that fun.

So, work, hobby or fun?

To me I would say, all of them. To me I love photography for the work, the hobby and the fun. Its these three factor that makes me still in a deep love with photography despite having more time on Physics concept and question or the upcoming Robocon 2011 competition or the problem in my pathetic love life.


I hope you can find the true reason why you take photography at the first place. Is it because you wanted to show off your equipment. Or you just wanted to be an important person? Maybe you have other reasons. Nevertheless you reason is, always be mindful that photography is an art. You can call any kids drawing as art, it's just a matter of how meaningful the art is or not. So if photography is meaningful to you, don't stop. Like my Thinking skills lecturer always say "Do what You like, Like what you do. It's the key of happiness."

p/s: joining the UTP Medtech creative department? hmmm.

Friday, September 24, 2010


As I was enjoying watching few last episode of Take Care of My Lady, I snapped. Probably because of the message that I received a little while ago. Or maybe because of the story I was watching itself. I just can't think why did I remain attached to her, despite the one sided relationship? While I continue watching the drama, I kept thinking of any particular reason, why? Why I still can't let go of her.

Maybe I was not that brave enough. But now. No more. I guess I can forget about her, no matter how long I have been clapping my hand, clapping one hand of mine. I think I can be better on my own. I can stand on my own. I am capable of taking more challenges.

As for that, Goodbye.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Skin Tights Legging and Odd Colour Sneakers!


honestly i'm proud of him.

Since it is still holiday, in fact probably the last day other than tomorrow that I can actually have plan to buy anything desired before actually going back to the deserted, uncivilized, hot world of Tronoh.

I woke rather early today, earlier than usual and because I scared I might overslept if I continue back sleeping I decide to stay awake and watch some KARA - Honey video, I mean SNSD - boyfriend video, I mean Prosecutor Princess. A Korean drama I just started to download due to total boredom. (Summary here http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Prosecutor_Princess)

Anyhow, if in the last post I was spending 200 plus buck on Meike battery gripper for my beloved Canon 1000D and also rechargeable batteries, today I get something for my another hobby. No I don't buy another frigging new laptop.

Well guess what I bought a pair of SHQ 30000 Jogging Earclip by Philips and also, and also a jogging case. I don't know why but my jogging gland was very much tingling when Puasa is off probably because there is nothing that I can do better than sleeping if my belly is empty in the evening. huh.

I do have a pair of earclip earphone that was previously used when I jog but thanks to some anonymous little devil that break the clipping part of one side of the earphone, it was very much useless in my view. Sure the earphone still works flawlessly but then it is rather annoying having one non-functional side bouncing up and down while youre jogging.

new jogging best friend.

For your info the Earphone alone cost me RM 78 and the Arm wallet(such a weird name) cost RM 32. So that goes all my duit Raya for this year T_____T It seems that the dream of getting a new lens have to be postponed back for quite some time then. huh.

my new jogging kit. exclude the shoes. new pair of shoes later ah when i'm richer. haha.

Performance wise I still can judge it since well, I haven't have my jogging yet. Probably when I get back to UTP perhaps.

Anyway it's Malaysia day today. I manage to go to Pavillion KL to see for myself the so called MASiF 2010 (check out here http://www.masifestival.com/home/) that would be an explosive event but as far as I can see, there is nothing much other than indie wannabe kids, skin tights legging, fuck-up kids that can't differentiate between good things and bad things, and all sort of wannabe. Shit.

Honey honey honey. ( please someone get this cuteness out of my head.)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy birthday

Happy birthday cakes, happy birthday song, happy birthday what else? 6th September. Lucky date for me huh? Don't be mistaken. Today is not my birthday. Yesterday is.

5 September

Unlike last year, my birthday this year is rather peaceful, Alhamdullilah. Even more blessing in the currently near it's end, the Ramadhan month. Peaceful in meaning that I did not get wet by soapy substance or getting flour or egg all around me :P Thank god we all ended up at home 2 days before my birthday. Hehehe. Lucky bastard i'm am. Not so lucky you guys out there :p

Many thanks to my friends that wishes me all night, yeah all 150++ of you guys. You are wonderful! While I did not yet to receive any gift, it's not like I asking but hey, once a year wouldn't hurt right? haha.

Anyway, since it's my birthday I though, giving myself a birthday present won't hurt. So I get these:

4x ReCyko+ batteries for my flashgun.

bg-e5 gripper by Meike for my 1000D

and a Lowepro Slingshot.

It cost me sum money but hey, it was needed. And yeah, the bag belong to my father actually but then he just gave it to me since he did not used it. Hah.

And there is some of my dear friend that asked me what I wanted on my birthday, so I answer them (see below) hopefully they are kind enough to give me.

Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 VC

give this and I'm yours. haha. kidding.

That cost Rm1800+. I know2, that is too much but hey, friend want their friend to be happy right? haha.

but this won't hurt much. on left. the canon mug :)


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