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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Edward Cullen have a special DIET, why can't I?



Die? Nope.

I'm trying a special diet now. Are you thinking what I'm thinking you think? Probably. I know I don't have a body like Edward Cullen, even the wolf, Jacob. But still when people heard that I take a diet, they go and say, hey You don't have to, you are skinny enough. Hey, it's just wasting time. The hell?

wtf? shoes? made of wolf skin?? lol.

Diet, doesn't only means food to get you thin, but also food that makes you grow of course bigger. No i'm not talking about body parts here.

Anyway, new semester, new room, definitely new subjects to learn and new diet to take. Take what learned at STE into account. The rich in protein drink? Also another YES.

so the conclusion, i'm still skinny. damn.

Monday, July 26, 2010


I skipped.

Yup. But not intentionally. Really! From the new list, my class. Academic Writing which were suppose to be at 2-3 p.m tomorrow, which is Tuesday. But when I finished today's Statics class,( which is quite fun ) I gotten to know that there is a class in the morning.

Shoot. I skipped the first class of my new Semester. Lucky me, the class in the morning was only the replacement class. The actual class is tomorrow. Yeah.

So, question of the day. Ever skipped the first class??

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shopping. A stress reliever?

Today I went for some shopping before going back to UTP. Sadly, I can't make it to the Mega Sale that happen to started on Saturday, which happen to be the day I left to UTP. Bad luck. Nevermind. There still be the Year End sale. Huh.

Shopping somewhat makes me better, having something(in this matter, wardrobe) nice to wear definitely going to make my daily feeling a little better. I haven't packed my stuff yet. Yes I know, I have a lot to pack since I took home almost all of my stuff. But I think I can do the wardrobe in a night. Yes! I believe.

Anyhow, I felt great when I finally had time to add up stuff into the wardrobe, not showing off, but self pleasure. hihihi ^^ So back to the question. Definitely? Probably? A solid YES? Leave it on the comment section :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

miss you when you gone

In my life i've only fall in love once, until I enter university. Since then I changed from a very quite boy to someone that is well known (that doesn't sound like a jerk right?). I had more girl friends that I ever had before, more friends that I can actually talk to, chat to, hang around together. And that makes me in no position to be in love. You know, i just love the attention, I wouldn't want to mess it with a relationship, a serious one.

But after a while, some people leave, some new one coming. When I think back, I do have fallen to someone, but I never realize about it, until, yeah, they are gone. The same case happen when I was in form 4. Until the last moment that she wanted to leave then I realize, I do like her. It's like karma all over again. And I hate that part about myself.

Maybe this is my problem. I can't confess. I always waited, thinking that when time will come everything will fall over in just the way I wanted. But these 2 experience have though me that NO. Never ignore, and if you have time, always make full use of it. Let her know. Doesn't matter what she think of you, because if she don't accept you, at least you can have more time to yourself to repair.

I think after this I will be more honest to myself, to my feeling. I don't want it to hide anymore, if it have to i will do my best to hide it. If it something good about another person, then I would express myself. And for the love that I have for the two person back, I will still hold on that, but if you did not try and so do I.

because of that, Do appreciate people around you before it's too late. Peace :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


this is not about the worldcup.

But more to our real goal in life. Marriage, Jobs, more of that kind of stuff. This is what I learned at STE and I wanted to share this with all of you readers.
Probably you have many goal. Let's pick one. As for me, I wanted to buy a new f/2.8 walk around lens. That is being Specific. I want a f/2.8 lens, a Tamron I guess.

Then you have to be Measurable. A lens is something you can measure right?

Is it Achievable?? Yes. It's not like I'm trying to see using my toe or something.

Realistic. Oh Yeah! Looks real to me.
And lastly is about time. If possible I wanted to buy it by the end of the year or maybe early next year.

In short you just have to remember it as S.M.A.R.T.

or this kind of SMART.

I'm already trying to use this in my life now that I have to get back to UTP in the weekend. Surely STE have changed me for good. Do drop some bomb at the comment section below okay?

See ya!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Definitely better than New Moon, slightly better than Twilight.

You heard me. Just watched the third installment of the Twilight Saga with buddy, pija at Sunway Pyramid. With slightly less than 3 hours of sleep(after watching the semi-final match, Espana!) hop into a Minibus and Go Gadget Go to Sunway Pyramid.

The movie? Right. Well, the topic says it all. I haven't read the novel, heck I never like to read any but as far as I can tell from the movie, Eclipse is quite a show. This time around you'll see more,

Threesome moment with Edward, Jacob and Bella,

Blood-sucking history show

Epic but damn short of fight between the newborn vampire and the Cullen Clan together with topless boy scouts.

Bella wanted to be vampire but oh wait Edward don't want her to, but hell she wanted so badly, but Jacob also don't want her too. Oh it's confusing alright. Just get yourself into Vampire already!

More Jacob skin.

Less Edward skin.

That is pretty much all of it. I do enjoy the show, although not so up to standard as Knight and Day is but still very nice to see. Even so, It's going to be a hit for Vampire-romance fan out there. I give it a small 3 out of 5. Good but not that good. and there is one thing I don't understand, why is it called the Eclipse? I don't see any Sylar-bad superhero or a time-controller Japanese guy in the movie? Care to explain dear blood sucking fans?

p/s: Uh can't wait for the The Expendables to hit the Cinema. Jet li, Rambo, the transporter and Terminator all in one action movie. Hell yes!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

iPhone 4 have reception problem? try iPhone 5.

Oh, it's looks awesome.

photos by petermorgan.uk

Oh wait, it looks like the one in the 80's. Cool enough nevertheless. There you go, a solution with a little add up styling. Just don't hold it by the antenna okay?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

2 July 2010

mark one of many great event of my calendar. I wasn't expecting it but it is time. Sayonara, Toshiba M50. Thanks for the year. You are indeed a great help despite having old technology.

Last moment :\



p/s: currently enjoying each second with it :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

High School trip (PART 2)

Hello again. If you missed the 1st part don't worry you can read it here.

Back to the story.


Where do I put the boomark last time? Ice cream. yes. My first and I(my friend) first ever most expansive Ice cream. Ever heard of Tutti Fruti?

it comes with a manual. Just so you know.

It's a self-service Ice cream shop when you can take anything that you wanted, mixed it together, put some nice looking sweets and chocolate and fruits and they weigh it. 0.1 kg for RM5.++ At first I wasn't thinking much as I saw I(my friend) happily get into the store and take some really serious looking ice cream. So I followed. Until he weigh his ice cream. Rm22.++

I forgotten I bought a long my DSLR. until A asked me about it.

Come again? Rm 22 plus plus. WOOOOOOT. I was shocked so I stop taking more nice looking stuff and get straight to the counter. Lucky me mine was only for Rm10.60. That's 0.2 kg. Now I know how they make money. Gawddemit!

very much 1 day of food money in UTP on Ice cream. *shrughs*

Later on we headed to the Cinema where we have tickets to Day and Knight. Man that is an Awesome movie indeed. Is it me or the movie screening in June are all great movies? Toy Story 3, Karate Kid, She's Out of my League. Day and Knight. Surely a recommended movie if you ever liked:

- From Paris with Love
- The losers
- Charlie Angles(Cameron Diaz is the super actress wooot :D )


After the movie, we went to outside Mamak stall for some heavy stuff since my stomach was playing orchestra during the film. Thank God the speaker are quite nice. We did some bowling activities after that and It's all home after that. It has been a while since I had fun with the boys. Well sure, having girls in a particular outing does make cam-whoring easier, it's so fun but having an all boys outing too sometimes can be very great.

How was your trip to High school went people? hahaha

p/s: Q get your ass back to Malaysia sooner!

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